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H Talks

The series of video portraits "H Talks" documents the meetings of director Milena Kaneva and curator Irina Batkova with artists from the Herbarium collection in their working studios. In the short films, the visual artists analyze different aspects of their realization on the artistic scene and discuss very important topics related to the possibility of maintaining one's creative independence in an unmovable turbulent world. This element of the documentation to the project is an important part of the ever-evolving Herbarium archive. The first presentation of "H Talks" took place in 2021 at the Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art in an exhibition featuring 55 artists from ten countries. It included 14 artists from Bulgaria, Italy, France and Japan. In 2022, a selection of Dutch artists was shown in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy in Sofia and courtesy of the Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.