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“The process of pressing and drying of specimens for preservation is extremely successful for long term conservation of plants, as the preserved specimens provide a stable foundation from the past for present and future research. Over its more than 400-year long history, the herbarium has become an institution. Besides information, each specimen also contains value, which depends on its completeness and data on the source of the material.”
(Vascular Plant Systematics by A. E. Radford, W. C. Dickison, J.R. Massey and C. R. Bell,Harper and Row Publishers)

The Herbarium project examines the contemporary cultural environment, in which ideas are conceived and exchanged.The collection to the project documents the energy of the creative act, regardless of whether it is a fixed momentary outburst, or a precisely considered gesture. "Herbarium" is a collective noun, a pin for pricking images, thoughts, words, emotions, memories, objects, or in short - it describes the research drive of the visual artist to create new models of perception.
The focus of the collection is to store creative energy from different generations of artists around the world in boxes similar to those in which plant specimens are stored. By joining the project, the participants perceive the dual role of researched and researcher proposing new participants and respectively new specimens for the selection.The development of the collection has no time limits, it grows exponentially with each new participant until the final exhibition is announced.
"H Talks" video portraits were shot in the work environment of visual artists as part of the archive of the project "Herbarium”. In the short films, the artists describe the creative process in the realization of ideas and concepts about the world and people, the problems that excite them and stimulate the impulse that make them want to go on.
All the information gathered during the process of development of the archive will be published on the website. This virtual base of information will be available to everyone, including researchers, curators, gallery owners, students, or lovers of art who are interested in not very obvious mechanisms of art through which contemporary culture functions.
The first exhibition of the Herbarium 2021 collection includes 55 artists from Bulgaria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, China, Spain, Poland, Japan, Finland, the USA and Turkey.



Irina Batkova - Founder/Curator
Karina Simova - Project manager
Ivan Kostov - Public program and Outreach coordinator
Georgi Gogov - Web design/Development
Rayna Teneva - Photography/Post-Production
Zhenya Gundasheva - Translator/Editor
Nora Goleshevska - Head of research and educational programs

H Talks

Milena Kaneva - Director/Camerawoman/Producer
Irina Batkova - Script
Joachim Gliem - Director/Filmmaker for the series shot in Paris
Amanda Sanchez - Post-Production/Editor

Thanks to:

Georgi Gogov
Milena Kaneva
Joachim Gliem
Cvetan Krastev
Amanda Sanchez Donova
Albena Baeva
Nadezhda Oleg Lyahovа
Karina Simova
Ivan Kostov
Hanna Schwartz
Bistra Leshevalier
Georgi Nemtzov