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Fog At The Horizon (2021)

Yavor Kostadinov
Herbarium Collection - Collection - Fog At The Horizon - Yavor Kostadinov
Herbarium Collection - Collection - Fog At The Horizon - Yavor Kostadinov

The work / object I put in the box is called "Fog at the horizon".
The box, measuring 40/40/10 cm, was with me in the studio for a long time. At first I wasn't sure exactly how to approach it and how to interpret the concept of the project for myself. Different thoughts and ideas formed and filled the mental image of the box, and in the next moment they were replaced by others coming from a completely different direction. Eventually, after a while, I intuitively turned to a form of expression closely related to painting, as this is the medium in which I work most deeply and have the most experience. I saw an opportunity for the contents of the box to be related to some of the processes that are manifested in some way in my painting practice at the moment - at the level of form and ,to some extent, at the level of narrative.
The image in the work stands somewhere between the figurative and the abstraction, as the two aspects feed each other. In the foreground we see three bushes-like masses, which with their weight dominate the lower half of the pictorial field. They lie on a bright green lawn, and above them the minimalist sky and the fog creeping far into the low advance slowly towards the viewer.
I interpret this intuitively found image, generally in the following direction. Green masses symbolize the current problems that everyone faces, and which sometimes prevent a person from seeing beyond the current. And even at some point, through effort or luck, a person manages to get out of these "bushes" in the distance, he sees only the fog - the uncertainty of the future near and far. The ambiguity, which is further exacerbated by current pandemic events and social unrest.
The top and bottom of the work is "framed" by burnt pieces of wood. For me, this is the space aside, the space that everyone who goes out of the field of action goes, this is a place of slow burning and decay.
The fact that the front of the panel is assembled from two parts - two ceramic tiles, is not as important as the gap that forms between them. This is the dimension that can be a way out of the bushes and the fog in the distance. This gap, this contraction in the plane of reality, leading to the transcendent, this is the present moment – the moment which contains everything .

40x40x10 cm, ceramic tiles, partially burnt wood panels,
glue, acrylic paints, varnish