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Eyealignment (2021)

Voin de Voin
Herbarium Collection - Collection - Eyealignment - Voin de Voin

The formed organism that we call collective should have a few essential qualities. For me, its strength lies in the fact that its tentacles are able to sense differently. Some spots of the ground, air or liquid- the element it moves through, has different consistency and senses differently. Its electric and neuron paths are sending information back into the centre via complex ways of transmissions, signals, signs that later forms up a language. It also translates via the different sectors that the information passes through. In the centre, it collects and preserves, it stores and it's being examined. The different length of passage and perspectives make that information being classified differently in order to once collected, the data forms up a vital unit of a force that will finally create a body - an intuitive body - a thinking body. complete not separate in parts moving unit. That particular body also radiates a sphere of consciousness connected to a kind of different modus operandi. For its most effective performance, it often relies on its morphic resonance ability to connect, hear and receive "food for thought" by its core particle - the collective unconscious. A space within a space, where other qualities are being rehearsed, imagined, projected, reformed, dreamed upon.
Eyelighment is a visual and mental exercise where the viewer experiences different brain cortex possibilities to connect to external, alien memory of something that can be appropriated and understood, but rather it remains dipped in the liquid of our own cognitive sensibility about the world uninterpreted.
40x40x10 cm, water, lenses, film strip