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Zlatka Andreeva (2021)

Zlatka Andreeva
Herbarium Collection - Collection - 2021 - Zlatka Andreeva

This is my vision of Mother Nature with a message: Let us honor her and not destroy her.
Or " The silent scream of apparent calm " - a romantic mood in a less romantic time. For my work I use natural and artificial synthetic material - cardboard, tracing paper, colored pencils, ink, plexiglas, synthetic fibers fused in a specific form. Art for me is a process of continuity. It is like Nature - changing. My idea is to herbarium the tender, the naïve, the childish in us, the romantic, the sincerity, which are disappearing. I used the processes of scratching, pressing, melting, burning, gluing. Black and white, color...Mixing synthetic with natural, recycling, giving new life…

Recycling human life?
Our thread/threads /connection with the cosmos…
Where it breaks, breaks or reassembles, reconnects into a knot, what is the puzzle that do we do in our life?
We live in a world full of symbols.

I love silence. The silence of a work is sometimes saturated with more information and Meaning... What our soul needs, does not need words. The "face" of Nature here is hidden under a dull-finished piece of tracing paper. To see it in its entirety, you need to lift the paper slightly. The pattern is colored, in contrast to the Plexiglass plate, on which the molten fiber is glued, which is in the form of branched, black, burnt wood. Dead and yet alive in our memories. Snatching the Soul from the living and preserving its external image: for contemplation, for memory, for observation, sinking into oblivion, disappearance and accidental discovery. Herbarium of art, of creativity, of the Creator, of the Soul. Can it be crushed, squeezed, yes break, break like a fragile flower and then assemble to keep? It is difficult to limit creativity in a limited space.
Black - the symbolism of darkness.
The rainbow of colors - a symbol of vitality and creative energy of Nature and the Creator.

20х40х10 cm, Drawing on cardboard with colored pencils and marker. A piece of plexiglass bent into a certain shape. Synthetic fiber fused and glued on plexiglass. Piece of tracing paper/matte/glued in front of the drawing, slightly folded at one end, cardboard 2 mm thick, piece of Plexiglas, piece of tracing paper, synthetic fiber.