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Julia Gault (2021)

Julia Gault
Herbarium Collection - Collection - 2021 - Julia Gault
Herbarium Collection - Collection - 2021 - Julia Gault

Julia Gault questions the gesture of „lifting“ the matter, giving it height and at the same time trying to stick to it. An unnatural gesture, as everything tends to the earth's surface by the force of the gravity. Her sculptures and installations speak of the fragility of the vertical posture. They are in uncertain balance, often on the verge of collapse.
"I am interested in the human desire to build ever higher architecture, in the desire for excess, power and eternity. The raising of matter, its management, its transformation into something static is an unnatural gesture. Today we are witnessing a world of human constructions that is hesitant about its foundations, exposed to the forces of nature. Collapse of buildings or bridges, collapse of dams, tsunamis, landslides, etc. there are so many phases of an epoch, of a society that wants to overcome and sometimes neglected, the fierce and indomitable nature » (2021)

40x20x10 cm, copper pipes, clay fitting